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Driving After the Crash

A motor vehicle crash is a traumatic event which may drastically change the course of the survivor's life. Most people do not realize how difficult the struggle for recovery can be. The emotional and physical effects can be debilitating and far reaching. Often these people experience high anxiety when attempting a return to driving. This anxiety can lead to avoidance behavior, as passenger or driver, which further complicates the individual's recovery. Generally, people are unsure of what steps to take after a crash and may not be aware of the help that is available. People who are suffering from in-vehicle anxiety often feel isolated, but you are not alone.
In this book, Chris and Melissa take you with them on their rollercoaster journey, complete with the highs and lows. Finally getting a stranglehold on the debilitating emotions, this courageous couple reinvented themselves as Driving Therapists, offering their newly acquired skills to help others find the road back to driving.
The book indentifies fears and obstacles that are barriers to a return to driving, and even the return to professional and personal activities. You may be able to see yourself in Melissa and Chris' descriptions, either as the crash victim or the other victim, the family member. The author presents tips and activities that they have found helpful in their practice that may be useful to you. In any event, even deciding to read this book represents a concrete step toward working through the lingering emotional trauma that can accompany a crash.