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Earth Anthems: A Songbook for Sharing Gratitude

Join Lucas Tensen & Friends for a musical journey that celebrates our connection with nature. Together we cycle through the four seasons, explore the wilderness and become allies with animals that teach us ways of living more mindfully on this planet. All of these gifts offer us ways to express and share gratitude.

Some songs honor Indigenous peoples and are an invitation to begin learning about their history and culture. Other songs provide alternative lyrics to songs you may already know, like ‘Ode to Joy’, 'Danny Boy', ‘O Canada’ and ‘The Star-Spangled Banner'.

With the accompanying album available online, readers get to sing along with a children’s chorus, adult vocalists, grand piano, cello, percussion and more! All sixteen tracks are available for streaming and download. You can also sing along with several YouTube lyric videos.

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Book info: Paperback, 50 pages (8.5 by 11), 16 full color illustrations (2 page spread), printed on 80 lb. premium quality glossy paper.