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Encounters with God and Angels


Hadley Burns was born, raised and educated in Nova Scotia. In the early 1960’s he began a life of various jobs that gave him the basis for a large number of tales he now enjoys sharing with friends and family. His first “grand” adventure resulted in him writing and publishing his first book, “Just Because I Had A Dream”. That book was the story of a bicycle ride he undertook in the summer of 1974 from Vancouver to Halifax. In 1975 he moved to Ontario, where he has retired, and now concentrates on writing and his wife’s health care.


His belief in God is important to him and many of his stories express that belief. This book offers the reader a selection of Hadley’s God connected stories. Yes, he has seen God and yes in this book ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD and ANGELS Hadley tells you what God looks like. Happy reading one and all