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Everyone Has A Story


This is a book of stories. They are not the figment of anyone's imagination, but actual, factual stories shared by genuine, real people who have been or are a vital part of the Nithview Community, a seniors' complex in New Hamburg, Ontario.

Some residents were willing to open the door of their hearts and minds to give me, the writer, the unique privilege of peering inside their private sanctuaries. They willingly delved into their memory banks of longevity, pulling out and sharing some of their inner treasures - a wealth of experiences and knowledge.

To me it felt as though I were sitting at the feet of an old sage - man or woman - who poured precious gems into my lap and entrusted them to my care. These were words of wisdom, collected over eighty or ninety years of abundant living.

While the stories are entertaining, they are much more than that. They are a roadmap for readers to follow on their own life journeys. Additional stories in Notes of Interest tell of the generations that went before -  the pioneers who bequeathed to us the fruits of their labour in fertile acres, in industry, education, and religion.