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Exploring God's Route 66 An Introduction to the Bible

Foreword to the book:
In a time when few have even a rudimentary knowledge of the Bible, Ray
and Anna Wiseman have done us a great service. It seems impossible, but
in thirteen lessons suitable for study groups or Sunday School classes,
they take us through all 66 books of the Bible. In each of the lessons
they use descriptive text, cartoons, diagrams, pithy sayings, and simple explanations of important terms to convey the content of the portion of
Scripture studied. They do not avoid problems. Anyone who finishes these
lessons will be well on the way to grasping the overall content and
message of the Bible. Well Done!
 --Eric E. Wright, author

*** Winner of an Award of Merit in the World Guild awards at Write! Canada, 2005 ***

*Size, 8.5 by 11 inches
*13 Chapters designed as individual lessons
*A selected Scripture reading for each lesson
*A Response page for each chapter, plus one for each Testament
*9 Cartoons, plus other illustrations
*18 informative charts
*13 "side trips" into doctrinal and historical issues