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Exposing the Monster - Some Truths About Gambling in Ontario


Since our chances of winning are so limited, we may as well suggest that casinos operate a drive-thru window. Players would merely have to drive up to the wicket where a casino employee would gladly accept a cheque for your estimated potential daily loss. This would save players the time, trouble and embarrassment of losing one game after another...and they could still make it home in time for dinner.

The casino exerts total control over the gambling process and greedily flaunts the rules of the game to its own advantage. That says nothing of the abuse patrons put up with from some of the casino employees and other players. Bad behaviour runs rampant in many Ontario casinos. Ironically, the casinos that so tightly control all other aspects of gaming do not seem to take control of the gaming environment.

Emotions run high when people are losing money. It should be incumbent upon the casino to not only encourage respectful behaviour from its employees, but also from its patrons. Is that too much to ask?

We have allowed ourselves to become victims in the greatest legal con game of our time. Who is being held accountable for the billions of dollars lost by people who gamble, and for the devastating effects that result from problem gambling? I am not naïve. The OLG must make money to meet expenses and earn a profit. It’s the manner in which they go about doing it that really upsets me. I see it as putting greed ahead of all else, including the well being of Ontario citizens.

35 percent of gambling revenue in Ontario comes from moderate and severe problem gamblers. The government is like the dope dealer who is prepared to take the addicts for all they’ve got in order to pad his own wallet.

Before you judge or boast that this could never happen to you, stop and think about it for a minute. There is no alarm bell to warn people that it’s time to quit when they are on the brink of addiction. If only that were true. You may say, “I won’t get addicted,” but are you sure that the next time you push the button on the slot machine you won’t be hooked? Maybe the next time you win or lose will be the point of no return.