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Finding Heart

In 2007, Tracy Kelly had another breakdown. Two years after separating from a ten year marriage and trying to raise a son with Autism on her own (as well as dealing with her own mental health issues), she knew her spirit was begging her to make a change. For the sake of her health, her heart and her son, she came up with a radical plan.
Tracy would surrender her primary care-taking responsibilities to her son's father, let go of her possessions and travel to Europe for an indefinite period of time. It was a heart-ripping, painful decision and something she didn't take lightly.
What started as a leap of faith quickly became a journey of miracles, as each step lead to greater synchronicities. She began to find hearts in the places that she followed her intuition and these quickly became guide-posts for her along the way.
The journey wasn't always easy and many times she would struggle with the same issues she faced before: depression, anxiety, guilt and insecurity but, through each country and each experience, she learned more about the strength she had inside and learned to love herself.
Part travel diary, part photographic journey; Tracy takes you with her on a journey of the heart.