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From the Horse To The Atomic


This tale of the Twentieth Century dates from the birth of Edward Savage in July 1916 in Brighton, England and relates his recollections of events through the remainder of the Century.

He leads his readers through his early years, bringing forth highlights of his personal times, as well as a glimmer of life in that era. Details are provided on life within the Hotel system in the twenties and thirties, and insight into being able to move up through the service staff ranks.

We are able to view the somewhat flawed recruitment process used for World War II, and many actual events of the war as seen through the eyes of a member of the Black Watch. Personal situations in post-war Great Britain led Mr. Savage to emigrate to Canada, where he ultimately settled in London, Ontario. This has been his home base for over fifty years, other than a brief stint in Hollywood where the author met many of the film stars of that era.

Once retirement came about,  Mr. Savage found a new horizon to conquer, and founded a Clown Unit that raised funds for disadvantaged children. He continued this project well into his eighties, and many children are indebted to him while never knowing his name.