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Getting It Right


Looking for a great solution to a tricky problem? Or searching for the key to a new and better life? Look no further. This short, concise guide will cut to the chase and give you the simple tools necessary to "Get it Right" Problem solving, goal setting, uncovering who and what should be part of your life - and what just doesn't work: you will see that life's dilemmas are more easily resolved than you thought. This book is like having a personal coach on speed dial!

What people are saying about Getting It Right

"Sandra Lewis gets to the heart of what's important and what isn't, and guides you quickly and smoothly to answers you wouldn't have believed were in you all the time! Getting It Right is all you need to turn your life into what you want it to be - this book should be in everyone's briefcase, handbag, or back pocket - and on the desk of every coach and counselor!
-David Rourke, EFT Master, Certified Trauma Specialist,