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Global Warming & Corporate Power In Collision


The greatest issue facing all mankind is global warming. If this problem, that is caused by human interference with nature, is not resolved, nothing else matters. We are already seeing the first stages of the effects of global warming. We are witnessing the ultraviolet rays of the sun scorching the planet, devastating hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, wild fires on the scorched earth. There is starvation with the unprecedented drought.Great devastation brought on by corporate greed, such as the Alberta Oil Sands, to get dirty oil to pollute our atmosphere. This lust for money and power by the corporations, show they intend to continue the pollution of the atmosphere and destruction of the land. Led by George Bush, who has his finger on the nuclear button, will decide when the next war will begin. He sees the religious right giving him the support he or his successor needs in his mad quest for world domination through his new world order.

Will there be a great, world wide economic collapse, or will there be a great military conflagration with hundreds of millions annihilated, or will the devastating heat of global warming cause us not to exist?

This is a thought provoking essay to make you think of your choices and all the political ramifications.