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Hazel's Story: A Life of Faith

A Journey of FaithHazel’s faith journey began in the 1920s on Manitoulin Island, where she was born and raised on the family farm with her seven siblings. Despite a rough beginning, with parents of great faith, Hazel survived the worst effects of rickets to lead an amazing life. Brought up in the church, at a young age, Hazel realized her need for the strength and resilience found only in trusting Jesus. After attending Bible College at Lorne Park, Hazel first taught school in a remote community far from home before beginning her career as a City Mission Worker in Petrolia, Ontario, then Port Hope, Ontario. It was here she met and married her husband, Clifford Etcher. When her position as a City Mission Worker ended, Hazel continued to serve in the church as a dedicated Sunday school leader. She and Clifford raised two gifted daughters, Marilyn and Margaret, both who serve the Lord today. Hazel shares with you the ups and downs of daily life rooted in Christ and sprinkled with a touch of humour that will have you shaking your head and smiling as she takes you through some of life’s most challenging days.