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Heads In The Sand


Business Continuity Management (BCM) can be called a safety net; one that protects a company from collapse if it's hit with a natural or man-made disaster. But not every corporation sees the value of the necessity in having a BCM program or understand why they should have one. Many don't fully understand the level of impact a disaster has on its operations, customers, clients, vendors, partners, employees or surrounding communities.


Building upon core human universal fears - Death, Insignificance, Chaos, Outsiders and the fear of the Future - Heads in the Sand takes employees, managers, executives and BCM practitioners on a path of discovery. Using real-world and personal examples, the author helps examine and identify the difficulties organizations have with developing BCM programs and how ignoring these fears; an Ignorance of Security (Death), Respect (Insignificance), Authority (Chaos), Community (Outsiders), Clarity (Future and the Truth, can give rise to a lack of BCM understanding.

BCM is about people.

BCM is a Social Responsibility.