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Human Rights - What Are They Really?


What fundamental rights does everyone in the world have? That is, what rights go with just being a person? Are they what governments or the United Nations say they are? Not quite, according to Robert Stephen Higgins, B.A.Sc., who believes that certain proclaimed rights were simply invented by social designers to support their visions of an ideal society. Being philosophy-specific such rights are unsuitable for imposition onto everybody. In reviewing the present doctrine on rights, Higgins took a strictly objective approach to the question of what fundamental rights every person is born with. The result is a complete theory of rights in which the rights are implicitly innate and universal.

A chapter discusses how the theory can be implemented and the next identifies opposing forces, such as greedy capitalism and extreme tribalism. The book goes on to describe the differences, viability and merits of a nation based on true human rights. It concludes by emphasizing the need for an indisputable world standard on human rights, which is what the presented theory tries to achieve.

The Supplement contains essays that describe the impact of human rights theory on ten current issues ranging from same sex marriage to world poverty.