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I Never Forget - Memoirs of Frank Miseferi

Forward - My father has deep memories of his role in WWII. These, as he states; he will never forget. This book of memoirs is reminiscent of his thoughts and emotions as well as a brief accounting of his operational duties. He will not boast about his medals; but I have included them in the pages that follow. Dad wrote this book to share his experiences as a mid-upper gunner in the European Theatre of World War II. I am sure words cannot convey the gruesome events that he saw. I cannot pretend to understand my father's heavy heart, nor the fear that he endured. The horror of witnessing human loss in war is beyond my comprehension. I am in awe of his courage and selflessness and I thank him for sharing his memories with us. I am honoured to have assisted my father in compiling his book of memoirs. - Kathi Gingrich.