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In the Shadow of her Dreams


She  had it all. She had to risk her life to keep it.

A warm and loving woman by nature, Kate Lund's life began its cascade of change when she unexpectedly discovered that her employer, friend and benefactor, Terina Devine, was actually her birth mother.

Kate's inheritance extended far beyond the obvious blessings of money and property, for associations and implications spilled over into nearly every other aspect of her life. The true love she had found and her desperation for motherhood were two dreams shattered by ugly circumstances beyond Kate's control.
For Kate Lund, her nightmare had only just begun.
At the heels of incredible sadness came a man of unspeakable on was safe - not even his two innocent and vulnerable twin daughters, Jillian and Caitlin, whom Kate lovingly called her own.

Scarcely able to believe the horrible twists of fate in her life, Kate's once safe and comfortable world becomes distorted and she was plunges into a tailspin of terror, forcing her to face the devil himself in order to protect the ones she loved.

With terror blinding her, and with fear as her motivation, Kate secretly searched for the truth - waiting and watching for her chance to reclaim their freedom from the clutches of this maniac.

Yes. Desperation and fear led Kate to make choices she may live to regret. Nevertheless, she'd do what she had to do...

Even murder.