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Kar-e Sabok Baran


Lyrical, Intelligent, Provocative, and Delightful: the poems of Hafez have entranced readers for more than six centuries. One of the most notable world literature personalities continues to persist today as the most celebrated poet in modern Iran.

In this book, Farshid Sadatsharifi, an award-winning young scholar, presents a diverse selection of literary, psychological, and philosophical lenses through which to re-discover Hafez as a world-renowned author. He shows how the universal concept of "Eudaimonia", and its corollary notions of meaning-making and vocation, are at the heart of Hafez's poems and how these ideas should be applied to every aspect of the human psychological experience from the age of Hafez to today. This work is a continuation of the exploration of an approach to applied literature. 

Dr. Sadatsharifi is a scholar who "spent [over] ten years celebrating literary theories, the meaning of life, existentialism, and other subjects related to studying and teaching Persian Language and Literature in a multidisciplinary and applied approach [that] hopes to have the chance to establish 'applied literature' as a well-recognized part of literary studies." (The Journal of Applied Linguistics and Applied Literature)