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Kidding Around


An activity-based book for teachers, parents, grandparents and other care providers to use with kids- and even for themselves!
Over 40 activities in 200 pages about:

- The happiness movement and positive psychology
- Turning frowns upside down when kids don't feel so happy
- Contagious giggles and laughter exercises
- Writing and performing comedy that tickles their funny bones
- Teasing that becomes bullying when humour isn't fun ......................
Sue Stephenson loved going to school so much (no kidding around) that she became a Family Studies teacher, then an educational consultant and then a principal - always passionate about universal success for all kids. Her keynotes and workshops on wellness, laughter, teamwork and trust are warmly welcomed by a wide variety of audiences in corporate, community and educational settings where she cleverly combines laughing with leaning - a foolproof recipe for a classroom or a bored room. She's not joking when she says we all need to lighten up, laugh more and look on the bright side of life. Sue is a Certified Laughter Leader with the World Laughter Tour - or "certifiable" as her husband Tom says.