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Laughing Gas


Hooligans, punks and small fry. Tattletales and brats. Come and join the party with stinkers and rugrats.

WARNING: The poems in this book may cause uncontrollable giggling, snorting, and making sounds that are considered highly inappropriate for well-behaved boys and girls. Laughing Gas is a hilarious collection of sassy and irreverent poems about subjects that young ladies and gentlemen should never discuss at Grandma's dinner table.  Whether it's chicken pox, underwear, farting, messy rooms, monsters under the bed, body parts or just plain silliness, this collection pays homage to the silly sense of humour that exists in all of us. Designed using red-hot scrapbooking techniques, this collection of silly and sassy poems will entertain any age and inspire a love of poetry in rotten kids for generations to come. Rotten Kids of the world unite—you have nothing to lose but your composure!!