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Leap of Faith


Dudley Coles is a restless World War II veteran in Britain struggling to find purpose for his life. Rare experiences at Canada House, U.K., on the Berlin Airlift and emigration to Canada precede a pivotal divine intervention. He chooses to make a leap of faith, and finds fulfillment and meaning beyond all imagination. Thirty-six  years of active service as a Salvation Army officer take the writer around the world, and more than 20 adventurous years in South Asia constantly test faith and convictions but are eminently rewarding.

Fascinating, too, are final chapters in which the author examines the earlier influence of hereditary, family and wartime experiences on a British warship, in shaping a life of extraordinary richness and fulfillment.

The many published writing of Dudley Coles through the years have always sought to make Christian faith intelligible, attainable and desirable. No less is this motivation at the heart of his inspiring and challenging memoirs

Salvation Army officership appointments of Commissioner Coles included field appointments in Canada, the South Asia audit office in India, and youth and training leadership in Western India. Following eight years of editorial work back in Canada (half as editor-in-chief), Dudley with Eva (his wife) spent five years in leadership roles in Sri Lanka before their final appointment to the Army's international headquarters in London to head the South Asia Department. Now happily retired they live in Burlington, Ontario with their children and grandchildren nearby.