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Life of an Author and Microbiologist


The author is a retired laboratory scientist with many academic degrees of which a PhD and MBA is used in his practice as a Business and Science Consultant.

As a science fiction author and other works of imagination Darryl continues to write well into his eight decade and using the same natural skills that he has used for over 25 books to date. While this book is written as an autobiography it draws on the wealth of his anecdotes living, training in medical laboratories and in the WHO/UNESCO labs used in the eradication of malaria on the island of Trinidad.

His humour, imagination take full flight in this book that is a marriage of fact and fiction and it is meant for readers of all ages.

The cover of this book has a caricature of him done by a beach artist when he was at a Science convention in San Diego back in the 1980s. The ASM annual convention allowed delegates to present lectures and posters to the over 14 thousand delegates from around the world.

He consults with many family owned businesses, the income keeps him in sniffs of brandy on his afternoon “happy hour”