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Modern science has noted a progression of continuance in chic lifestyles. Man is living longer and enjoying lavishness of a higher standard of living. We have more than our immediate ancestors to criticize for engaging in such endeavours. We the descendents now actively worsen and change this standard of living. Unfortunately, there is quantity but no quality to continued existence and livelihood.
There is alienation from Nature. Such fragmentation unhinges us from family and Mother Earth. Although our standard of living soars, our quality of family life has broken down. A once normal life within an extended joint family with elders is inaccessible. The nuclear urban family in an enigma. It has surrendered to splintering. An unorganized family is a flawed unit. This is especially true if parents are reckless or uniformed about rules of fostering.
There is already an insight that materialism and quantity do not give happiness. It is the starting place of wrecked personalities and families. Because modern life encourages indulgences it intensifies separation from one's Source. Viewing life as a whole is a qualitative assessment, from the tiniest atom to Creation's many parts.
A need to shift man's attention from quantitative to the qualitative values of life needs an upheaval in ways man reflects and nurtures for parenting. It is possible if there is change in one's reassessment of facts and fancy about parenting.
Although we exist in plenty in the present culture, with enough quantities available from supplies of this Universe, it does not uphold we are a better civilisation.