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Lives Lived

Lives Lived is the story of rebirth.
Both figuratively in Ramesh Kelly and literally in his daughter, Kiran.
Ramesh Kelly's dream of more money comes true, but with unexpected complications.
His vocation as well as his Indian caste have turned upside-down.
His day-wages digging ditches in India are replaced by the good life in Toronto.
His devout Catholicism is replaced with excommunication.
These developments were all brought about by one hour on the computer with his
five year-old daughter Kiran.
Charlie Simmons, Toronto entrepreneur, died the day Kiran Kelly was born.
Simmons always felt he had lived a previous life and he set out to prove reincarnation
truly happens.
Kiran Kelly became the proof that he was right; however, Charlie Simmons shared two
secrets with his best friend TJ Baxter. When Charlie died TJ assumed the secrets were
buried with him. Kiran remembers much of her previous life but she doesn't remember
the secrets. Yet.