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Longport — 1883-1911


LONGPORT 1883-1911 is the original photo journal created by Elizabeth Baily (Collins) Remington. This reproduction, edited by Bernard Remington Goward includes a foreword, maps, family tree, index & more. 

Elizabeth and her family lived in Philadelphia but beginning in 1883, summers were spent at Longport, New Jersey where her husband, Professor Joseph Price built a cottage known as ‘Sea Crest’. 

Elizabeth kept a journal – Longport: 1883-1911 of the family’s summer vacations spent at Longport. This journal contains 250 pages of handwritten accounts, photographs, water colour paintings, newspaper clippings and seaweeds collected from the sheltered inlet, artistically mounted and amazingly well-preserved, each with its botanical name. Apart from being a valuable family record, the book traces the early days of the development of the Longport community, the coming of the railroad, the erection of some of the notable cottages, the building of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer and the founding of the Agassiz Microscopical Society of Natural Sciences in 1890. 

Bernard’s hope is that this reproduction of Elizabeth’s journal will allow for a wider understanding and appreciation of the lives of Joseph and Elizabeth Remington and the contribution they made to their community.