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Loose Ends


Ann Elizabeth Carson’s Loose Ends is a poetic meditation that looks back on a life well-lived, and reflects on life, death, aging, childhood, the ties that bind all us humans, and our deep connection to our beautiful, fragile planet. The delicate yet powerful poems and stories create links between the past and present: Carson vividly evokes her girlhood during the Depression and WWII, then draws parallels between the horrors of that historical period and those of our own. This is a moving and life-affirming book, reminding us tenderly but insistently what we owe to each other and our world.

—Nora Gold, author of
The Dead Man, Fields of Exile, and Marrow


How lucky am I to have read Loose Ends, a new and wonderful collection by Ann Elizabeth Carson! Reflecting upon her poignant and evocative poetry and prose, you experience a sensory nurturing that embraces your soul and reawakens your appreciation of nature and humanity. Carson’s striking artwork enhances this radiant offering.

—Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli, author of
La Brigantessa and Pigeon Soup & Other Stories