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Jonathan Winters was good looking, charming, and a Manipulator of Energy or an M.O.E. Hope has witnessed first hand, how he manipulated women into having sex, and almost got caught in his energy web herself, but got out before it was too late. Jonathan, however, has designs on Hope and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, her.

Now it was time to turn the tables on him.

With the help of Judy and her psychic friends, Hope arms herself with tools to take him down. Dressing in various disguises, Hope and Judy set out to stop him, only to find out he has a faceless friend who is involved with him as well.

Judy and Hope soon realize that taking Jonathan and his friend down isn't as easy as it seems, especially when danger is lurking around the corner and Jonathan is in hot pursuit  of Hope.

Will Hope fall prey to Jonathan's M.O.E. ways or worse?

Find out if the women succeed at catching the bad guys one more time.