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Manual of Central American Diptera: Volume Two

True flies, or Diptera, are an exceedingly diverse and tremendously important group of animals not only because of their impact on human health, but also because of their varied roles as decomposers, herbivores, predators and parasites of other animals.This two-volume book, a collaboration of over 70 experts on Diptera, is the first-ever resource for the identification and understanding of Central American flies.Together, the two volumes treat all 106 families of flies found in the region, including discussions of biology, economic importance, classification, identification to the genus level as well as a synopsis of each genus. In a time of major ecosystem destruction, this work provides the basis for understanding the biodiversity of one of the major orders of insects in a large tropical region. It will be the foundation for future taxonomic studies for decades to come. While Volume 1 includes several introductory chapters and treats 42 families of flies in the Lower Diptera, Volume 2 covers the remaining 64 families of flies that make up the Higher Diptera (or Cyclorrhapha).These include families of house flies, fruit flies, bot flies, flower flies and many other lesser-known groups.The text is accompanied by over 1660 line drawings and photographs.