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Manual of Nearctic Diptera Volume 2

The main purpose of the Manual of Nearctic Diptera is to provide a modern, well-illustrated, easily interpretable means for identifying the families and genera of two-winged flies of America north of Mexico. Volume 1, which contains Chapters 1-48, provides the general background for this work and includes individual treatments of all the families of the suborder Nematocera and the lower Brachycera of the Nearctic Region
Volume 2 continues the work begun in Volume 1 by providing similar individual treatments of the families of the infraorder Muscomorpha (Cyclorrhapha, higher Diptera). In all, it contains 64 chapters, numbered 19-113. Chapters 49-53 treat the five families of the section Aschiza, and Chapters 54-113 treat the 60 families of the section Schizophora. Volume 2 also contains a subject index, as well as a list of the corrections and addenda for Volume 1.