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Marley the Dreamer


Meet Marley - a very special puppy with a very special purpose. She is a shorkie filled with sparkle and love. Marley The Dreamer takes the reader through an uplifting story about love and hope, and shows you all of the things Marley dreams of for her life.

The story shares the beautiful things Marley has dreamed of. And because she's such a special little dog, we want to know if her dreams eventually come true. She's so grateful for her family and loves to spend time with them, and this story shows us all the importance of being a dreamer, just like Marley.

Follow Marley as she dreams about all of the wonderful people in her life, and the exciting things she wants to experience. With her family by her side, Marley explores the world around her and challenges us all to dream big. From morning to night follow Marley the dreamer throughout her many adventures in this heartwarming story about a real life dog who makes everyone smile.