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Mirror Image

Twenty-eight year old Jenniffer Klark has her life together. She is happy; she thought. She is strong; she felt. Then one day, an unsolicited comment from a total stranger causes her to question everything in her life that she believes is good. Especially her body image. Maybe nothing really was as it seemed. Maybe it was. As Jenniffer starts to question everything around her, and herself, she begins a dangerous battle of true or false with the menacing voice in her own mind challenging her every thought; dictating her every move. A game where her truths are lies, others’ lies become her truths, and her very life is teetering on the line.

Mirror Image is not just the story of one young woman’s struggle with body image and anorexia. It is a story that will take you on a journey into the darkest depths of the mind and show how negative self talk destroys all light and life that will give rise to it. It is a story of perplexity, sacrifice, love, loss and courage. The courage to look oneself in the mirror, to face, and stand up against the enemy that lives within.