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More Shared Moments


Welcome to my second "Shared Moments" book. This book takes the reader past the initial stages of loss as we look at finding a meaningful life following tragedy. While these stories address the loss of a child, the messages are universal. Anyone can read these stories and find helpful contemplations as well as inspiring messages.

The book is divided into three parts. First, we look at making way for joy to enter. Thus, in Part I, "Clearing a Path", I will share stories that exemplify how I made conscious choices that permitted joy to enter. This section of the book, while entertaining in its storytelling aspect,  may cause the reader to pause and reflect.

Part II, " They Mysterious Flow", is filled with my trademark stories. Coincidences and synchronicities abound that generate a flood of heartening experiences for the reader to enjoy, ponder and interpret. Whether we were in nature, with our pets or each other, we as family have learned to laugh and love with a depth that would have been incomprehensible in our pre-loss lives.

Part III offers "Conclusions and Analysis" from a psychological perspective with commentary by Gary R. Casselman, PhD. Science now coins the term "Post-Traumatic Growth." Indeed, as the emotions are being processed, exponential growth is possible as the result of tragedy.

I share this book with, you, the reader, with genuine well wishes, whatever your life journey entails. Please know that if you face a loss of your own at this time, there are many in our communities who are willing and able to reach you in your time of need.

Carol C. Poduch, 2009