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Move Over, Buddy Rich

Music, Murder & Mayhem: As Presley Kincaid and his group, Pres and the Pres Men, make their dynamic rise to fame as Rock and Roll superstars, a serial killer within their midst, only referred to as "he," blatantly pursues a sexual tirade.
One dark winter night, he offers a young girl a ride, but takes her to a secluded spot, rapes her and shoves her out into a snow bank to find her way home. Throughout the next seven years, as he reeks havoc on other young ladies, she seeks revenge and in the end is vindicated.
Pres' mother, Valerie Presley Kincaid, a fiery red head and distant cousin of Elvis Presley, is a constant thorn in her son's side. Julie Monroe, the love of Pres' life, finds his career overwhelming, leaving no time for their relationship to blossom. They marry, have a son and live a meteoric ride to fame, fortune and heartbreak. When cocaine almost destroys Pres and his group and the knowledge of one of their own being Toronto's long sought after serial killer puts their fame into a spiral of extinction.