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My Vision is a Paradox


" I am full of stories about my childhood, travels, spiritual journey in my space capsule, my awe inspired moments experienced through the non-visual senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch and the paranormal. Living with my visual handicap, I have learned different ways of seeing by using other parts of my body. I'm aware of textures with my feet, the sensations of every chair, and the sounds of birds. I'm aware of the world impinging on me. I'm busy with too much input. I have to synthesize it and process it into my life. 

This story will reflect life influences, 'gleanings' that have been most influential. My conception of this story is that we are making patches , and at the end we will have a quilt like the quilt an Older Order Mennonite woman made for me with fabric from old clothes, each piece representing a story from my past. " ( Excerpt from My Vision is a Paradox)