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Not Quite There Yet

Not quite there yet...
Not that many people read poetry is what I've been told.
So I know it's somewhat presumptuous - perhaps even bold, 
To seek widespread perusal of this humble tome.
However, I have something to say and I'd say I'm not alone. 
Whether you read in the den, living room, bedroom, or the loo,
I hope you like what I write and that there is something here for you. 
I offer observations, ruminations, exhortations, to which I hope you can relate.
An entertaining chronicle of the times is what I was hoping to create.
Something that generates discourse, amuses, and does so in rhyme, 
As that's how it occurs to me most of the time.
I have a few questions concerning current events... 
How can we balance mind, body, spirit, 
When it seems the world's gone a bit haywire?
How to even function when we're so busy and tired?
Why can't we protect the environment and end world strife?
Imagine all the people living a decent, peaceful life.
Technology ensures info is out there; you just have to look.
Can the right answers still be found in the back of the book?
These days it's complicated being a human being.
My message is simple. You go. Carpe Diem...
But as we move forward, be kind to you and kind to others.
Take good care of planet earth, dear sisters and brothers.
Everyone now must do their fair share.
Working together is our only hope to get us all there.