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Of Lions and Lambs

"Lambs" is author Vanessa Canevaro's first foray into the world of historical fiction, and it is utterly fantastic. Interspersed with short vignettes featuring familiar biblical faces like Adam and Eve, Lazarus, and Mary Magdalene, this novel reads like a Dan Brown novel with a welcomed delicate touch. "Lambs" reimagines the origins of our species, taking the reader on an adventure across ages and continents that is part thriller, part folktale. - Red City Review
Sometimes the line between Heaven and Hell gets blurred. A love lost through time, over and over again. Unknowing her own true identity as Lilith, the first wife of Adam, novice nun Sophia is plagued by dreams of past lifetimes as the mistress of the devil. Now, after waiting thousands of years, Lucifer has Lilith within his grasp. If only Arch Angel Micheal and Mary Magdalene would cease their immortal hunt for the lovers and their mortal guardianship of the Holy Grail, then Lilith could let go of this lifetime as a novice nun and be free to live out eternity as the Queen of Hell.