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Of Locusts and Languish

Some of this you may have read before. With the careful, and often difficult, preservation of my artistic integrity, I offer to you, this collection of my "completed" works to date. These poems reflect the past years of my experience; to me, they encompass a wide range of themes and stages of maturity. When I first made copies of my work, to give to family (in late 2011), some other work was close to being delivered or somewhere along the way, however unfit as they were for an audience. For me, the <I>brain storm</I> is a spontaneous occurrence. The construction that follows, sometimes little and other times plentiful (as unpredictable as the conception), is a pursuit of precision and technique.
Each reader is left to their own to determine the truth, relevance and, of course, meaning (if there is any at all to be found) set forth in my work. As in life, fact, and fiction tend to blend as variances in perception and emotional overtones create unique realities for us all. To me, only words organized upon a page...projection of an idea or way of life. And, often perhaps, less questioned by myself than others.
For those closest to me, for those who know me well and, if that leaves anybody out- get reading, I offer this doorway to the workings of an almost always active (and frequently troubled) mind, more intent on observation than judgement. A gift, reinvented once. A treasure, left that way. These are pieces of me. As I am.