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Our Long Road to Happiness


Our great love for each other and determination to stay together against all odds, neither looking for love - it just happened with a wallop that caught us both by surprise.

Dianne left Gord, met Vincent in a park. They travelled to her family in western Canada, Gord turned ugly. We were up against a vengeful ex-husband who pushed us to the limits of tolerance. Gord played games with the bank account, filed a missing person's, stole Dianne's belongings. He also muddied Vincent's reputation, turning some of Dianne's family against us, stalked and threatened to kill us. When the court day finally came, Gord represented himself and succeeded only in revealing his true psychopathic nature. This story is one of ultimate abuse in every way possible over many years in which Gord used Dianne as a virtual slave. But the story is also one of redemption and metamorphosis as two bruised people show each other how to love again and fight to keep their love from harm.
This memoir is unusual because two people write it in their own styles. Vincent gave Dianne the story to read and she immediately jumped in with her opinions. Vincent handed her the clipboard and said "Here, you write that down." So she did and the couple in love began another collaboration.
The male and female voices remain distinct as do their emotions. Both strive to explain what love is and learn that true love enhances the sexual act as nothing else ever could.