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Out of the Forest of Darkness

The game goes on...and Amy Ferguson must find the way.
Finding himself in a new and heavily-shadowed Land of the Heart, Arthur Pye has to help a girl, Amy, to leave her Abyss of Nil, where a massive swarm of lies has been holding her captive.
The eight demons who have taken over her Land make every effort to thwart his plans to save her; and, when he tries to help her get rid of the lies by teaching her what is true, one of those demons snatches her away to the castle of the demon lord, where she is imprisoned.
When she finally calls on the Game Master for help, her bodyguard angel appears and helps her to escape. But she then quickly falls into the clutches of one after another of the demons. She is even taught magic, only to be thrown into a trap because of it.
Arthur, attempting to get her out of the fiendish labyrinth where she ends up being imprisoned, is himself blocked by the plots of the demons, and must fulfill a quest before being allowed to enter the place. But then, permission in hand, he is kidnapped by the entire team of demons, and sealed away. 
Will Amy fin her way out of the labyrinth and make Game Master Jesus the lord of her Land in spite of the demons? Can Arthur finally get away from those demons and rescue her? Or will the demons succeed in their plot to crush Amy's spirit and keep her for their own?