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P.E. Eyes Smoke & Mirrors


Smoke & Mirrors is the 7th in the P.E. Eyes Ben & Vern detective novel series. Ironically, a small town on the east coast of Prince Edward Island is the one place where criminal behavior is at it's lowest, making the presence of a crack investigation team such as Breakwater Investigations, atypical. The solution: import the mayhem. Shephard does this well through the eyes and actions of his protagonists, Ben Broder and Vern Peters. 

As a writer who balances his sense of humour and devil-may-care attitude with an often go-for-broke and occasionally confrontational nature, Shephard has taken those qualities and instilled them in Ben and Vern. The result is a never-ending state of bewilderment that the 'boys' leave in their wake as they solve big city crimes with small town tactics, often at the expense of those people in authority for whom they have little or no respect.

In the midst of a nasty domestic issue involving a prominent island couple, Ben and Vern find themselves immersed in an international terrorist plot that has the potential to turn Misty Harbour and much of P.E.I. into a smoldering crater. To complicate matters, the boys' normally devil-may-care attitudes take a major hit when Ben finds himself drawn into the world of voodoo mayhem as he becomes the target of  a very nasty mistress of the occult in this latest addition to the P.E. Eyes detective novel series - Smoke & Mirrors.