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Palatine Hill

In 1970, Secord descendants June and Lois literally stumbled upon their family history in St. Mark's cemetery, Niagara-on-the-Lake. They started a genealogical search and ended up with the epic story of Palatine Hill. Three remarkable pioneer women - Elizabeth Servos Johnston, Laura Ingersoll Secord, and Euretta Servos Secord tell the story. Fact and fiction blend seamlessly. PALATINE HILL is about ordinary men and women roused out of their quiet, comfortable lives to perform heroics in extraordinary events that shaped both Canada and the United States of America.  The Palatine Hill property grew out of the wilderness to become an important part of idyllic Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Servos and Secords survived contagion, revolution, and war, and when Euretta Servos and John Courtland Secord fall deeply in love and marry, the rival families are finally united. Historians and genealogists are still at work unearthing biographical data about the Servos-Secord family, but PALATINE HILL will always remain a story replete with passion and spiritual yearning, the finality of death and emergence of life.