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Paws For Christmas


It looks like Caitlin Simpson has it all. She is the CEO of the company she built from the ground up. She lives in a beautiful condo. She goes to fundraisers and galas. And, she is engaged to successful businessman, Myles Sutcliffe. 

She knows she's ready to take her business to the next level and she wants to do that as soon as possible. She's not as sure about her relationship with Myles, but she knows their marriage will be good for business-for both of them. 

Then one day, something happens that changes everything. Caitlin finds a puppy, and that puppy helps to connect her with long buried feelings and with Ryan Mason, someone who seems to know her better than she knows herself. Caitlin realizes, or rather, remembers, that everything is not about business success - that work cannot take the place of love and family and friends. 

Caitlin suddenly has some decisions to make...Will she carry on with the life she knows? Or, will she risk it, to follow her heart?