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Personal Health Profile Manager


The Personal Health Profile Manager is a tool designed to keep track of yearly medical appointments, tests, hospitalizations, surgeries, prescribed medications, and more, over a span of fifty years. The Personal Health Profile Manager is a detailed health record keeping system that can be used every where, by every one. 

Daily planners and yearly calendars are not designed to handle the type of medical information which is contained in <i>The Personal Health Profile Manager,</i> and do not cover a period of fifty years. The span of this record is important to the doctor as he/she will need to know previous medical treatments, hospitalizations, and other physicians involved in your care. The span is important to the patient in order to avoid drug reactions, unnecessary medical tests, and duplicate prescriptions, in order to obtain optimal medical care. 
The Personal Health Profile Manager is a very straightforward, easy to use yearly record keeping system that includes:

 date, time and location of appointments and tests
 doctor’s name, telephone and address
 prescription information
 hospitalizations, surgeries, emergency room visits
 work place and motor vehicle accidents
 and more

People experience stress and anxiety when visiting a doctor or hospital. By taking the Personal Health Profile Manager to your appointments, you can easily recall past personal medical information, record instructions and make future appointments while the doctor is advising you.