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Planning and Performing the Business Impact Assessment (BIA)


“Over the years, Business Continuity Management (BMC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) professionals have encountered numerous issues and concerns with performing a BIA. Still, professionals continue down the BIA path, enduring challenges on all fronts – costs (people, travel, software, time etc.), schedules, resource availability, findings, reports, and recovery times, in an attempt to display long-term BIA viability and organizational value.

‘Planning and Performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)’ takes a Project Manager’s approach, leveraging Alex Fullick’s years of Program and Project Management experience along with his years of BCM/DR experience, to identify the challenges with the BIA, and how to manage them for success. Reading this book will help you discover why your BIA initiative wasn’t as successful as it could have been, and why it just doesn’t work for you and your organization.

Taking readers on an easy to understand three (3) phased approach - Planning, Execution, Evaluation - ‘Planning and Performing a Business Impact Analysis’ identifies the common challenges encountered by professionals – both new to the industry and seasoned veterans – to  question whether the usefulness of the traditional BIA approach is worth the effort.     

What if you could have the challenges identified before you start the BIA, and what if someone could actually give you guidance on how to deal with them – or eliminate them altogether? This book does that. If you’ve been tasked with performing a BIA, or experiencing consistent challenges, this book will help you deal with obstacles and perhaps even determine if the traditional BIA approach is even right for you.”