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Playing in the Dirt

If you ever wanted to grow your own plants from seed but were afraid to try, this is the book for you. The author gives you step by step directions along the way from seed to the actual arranging of your plants into pots and gardens. 
The clear and simple instructions include actual photos of the writers own plant set up and her seeds as they mature. Each chapter leads the novice gardener to the next stage in growing healthy plants. Included are instructions with useful information and sensible advice for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs that are free of toxins and ready for the table.
Gardening should be fun and this light hearted book on growing plants from seeds encourages you to get your hands in the dirt and enjoy a pleasant and rewarding activity that may lead you to a brand new hobby. IT'S EASY! IT'S FUN! GIVE IT A TRY YOU WILL LOVE IT!