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Poems Created in the Morn


This the fourth book of poems by author Darryl Gopaul. Poems are usually written by speciality writers, but a few authors are able to cross over from their speciality to this published art form. This prolific author that has covered science fiction along with books of non-fiction and many on fiction powered by his great imagination. 

Readers are lucky to be exposed to this powerful mature author of peer reviewed scientific papers in highly recognized journals in his field of study. He has crossed over the field of fire that is professional criticism. This book of poems is a mature look at life as he, by his own words, enters the geriatric phase of life. His humour shows in his other books, but this is a serious work of art, as far as I am concerned. 

“Having known the author for many years, I can say that Darryl’s writing is open, honest, and authentic. Whether autobiographical, fictional, or non-fictional, he entertains the reader with his wit, humor, and rich imagination.” 

~ Diane J., professional molecular biologist