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Prime Time Series Book 6 : The Seas Between Us

Anna Mason has transformed her life by learning to welcome challenges. With the help of her Samba friends, she has enlarged her existence and found another home in Scotland. Now that the mystery of Helen Dunlop's past is finally laid to rest, Anna can look ahead.
In this concluding book of the series, Anna must try to overcome her doubts about the younger man, a talented artist, who claims her as his soulmate.
Both she and Lawren set out on journeys to discover more about their parents' generation and the reasons for the life-altering decisions that broke families asunder. In tackling these quests, they must each integrate the lessons of the past which will allow them to create a better future. You will meet old friends again and follow their relationships including the exciting story of how Anna's young protege, Fiona, finds here true path in life.