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Primer of Dressage Philosophy


Primer of Dressage Philosophy,the first book in The Rideable Horse Horsemanship Series, deals with the most important elements for success with horses - the mental approach to the horse we take with us to the stable. Topics covered include: dealing with bad behaviour, working with feel to improve communication with the horse, the importance of your intention and thoughts when you work with the horse, developing softness in your horsemanship and the sanctity of the arena. If you want to train and ride better you need to think better and Primer of Dressage Philosophy will help you to do just that!

A note from the author: 
The first time I sat on a horse was 1974. Since then horses have been my passion. 
I always wanted to ride and train horses. I ended up becoming a veterinarian. For four years I was an instructor of equine sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology) with over 3000 hours logged in the classroom; that’s when I discovered how much I love teaching.

I spent a few more years ignoring my desire to dedicate my life to horses until finally, in 2012, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was finally prepared to follow the deepest voice in my heart and decided to give up veterinary medicine completely to focus on riding, training, studying horsemanship and sharing with others what I have experienced so far.
I am thankful every day for the experiences and learning I have had over the years while I journeyed on my detour to the horse. They will be shared and passed along to my students in the hopes that they may benefit other horses and humans. 
Every day spent with horses is a blessing.