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Professional Jewellery Appraising: Jewellery Valuation Theory and Practice

Professional Jewellery Appraising by Richard Cartier is a logically organized and succinct international perspective on gem and jewellery appraising giving comprehensible explanations of what appraisals are, how they work, what should be in them (and what should not be in them) and why.  It does a particularly good job of outlining basic appraising concepts such as valuation levels, types of appraisals, and the differences between cost, price, and value.  It discusses the laboratory, the process of appraising, grading gemstones, pearls, and diamonds, and also covers appraisal content as well as the appraiser's liabilities and responsibilities, including a new section about fiduciary obligations.  The second edition has in excess of 135 changes to the widely acclaimed first edition, and now includes a full breakdown of pearl grading.