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Promise Kept


By the time 2025 had come and gone, Canada was stumbling badly. All the international respect and admiration for a middle-class power, that had been well and truly earned in the 20th and early 21st centuries, while bringing millions to her shores seeking a better life, was now in tatters.

At home, the political unrest reached historic heights as too many politicians, at all levels and of all parties, seemed devoted to the misconception that they were an all-knowing, privileged class, beholden to none. Their arrogance, ineptitude, and seeming indifference to the public’s disappointment when election promises, across the decades, were callously discarded, had strained the inherent bonds of Canadian civic courtesy. Unabated resentment was now loose and festering in the land.

During this unrest, a small group of Veterans had started asking themselves and their friends if now was the time for a new group, made up of Veterans and their life partners, to seriously consider founding a national political party, to rescue their beloved country from a crumbling future.