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Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul

For readers from all walks of life who provide spiritual care in a professional or volunteer capacity, Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul is a much-needed companion on their own journeys of learning, discovery and healing. Its pages offer an accessible, vivid and often passionate gathering of reflections and current research intended to both challenge and inspire.
For the 23 contributing authors who brought many lifetimes of care-giving research and experience to the chapters between its covers, Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul is where their diverse journeys meet; a rich culmination of current and future-oriented thinking for the Canadian psychotherapeutic community and beyond.
The many explorations of soul-work within these pages reveal an astonishing variety and depth that dissolves traditional assumptions and limitations about the nature of secular and religious helping vocations. Through a unique intermingling of faiths, cultures, disciplines and personalities, each of the distinct voices of this journey of caring for, curing, and even healing the soul offers a renewed understanding about the immeasurable essence withing every human being.
It's no small accomplishment to gather leading minds and hearts to create a resource whose longevity and relevance will be measured not in months, but in years or decades. In an age when knowledge and information are often misconstrued as identical, written words seem to evaporate with each new social trend; reading for the soul has become a casualty of fragmented time. On this journey, however, the soul is front and centre, the simultaneous destination and beginning for all who seek to unravel its mysteries.