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Pura Vida!


In Spanish Pura Vida translates as "Pure Life". It's an expression to celebrate life, but it also recognizes that at times it can be mysterious and filled with inconsistencies. So they say: "Hey, that's the way life is; we can still enjoy it. Pura Vida!"
That's what this book is saying: make the best of the best! I will explain misconceptions about food and what and how much to eat for maximum energy. There are guidelines with basic how-to's, all in a simple, easy plan that can lead to extraordinary health results. Included are a lot of delicious recipes that are fast, easy, creative and inexpensive. Plus information on making the transition - moving from cooked foods to more fresh fruits and vegetables - to a "life-eating style" that supports health, fitness, and nutrition.

Everything in this book celebrates living - free from disease, vibrant vitality, and a long dynamic life - so you can enjoy every moment you've got!